Ecology Center Courses

Welcome to The Ecology Center!

The Ecology Center in Amritapuri incorporates Amma’s love for Nature into daily life by growing and producing our own natural products sustainably in support of Amma’s charitable projects. For example, we grow rudraksha trees from seed. The trees make home for many animals and insects. The fruits are harvested and the seeds turned into spiritual jewelry. Then, the fruit is infused in oil and brewed into all natural soaps. Join us in this cycle of giving to Nature and each other. Learn how to make natural eco-friendly products at home, demonstrated by ashram residents.



Natural Soap Making

Coming Soon!

Learn to make all natural soaps, herbal infused oils, liquid soaps, and household cleaners. Our products are local, sustainable, and good for the Earth and you! Homemade natural soaps make great gifts. Share your love for Nature with others.


Natural Soap Making - Workshop

About Natural Soap Making
Learn to infuse herbs into medicinal and healing massage oils for your skin, hair and scalp. Use organic coconut oil to form all-natural bars of soap. Natural bars of soap can be transformed into liquid soaps as well. Finally, learn to make your own all-natural household cleaner. Join experienced ashram residents on a tour of how we grow and process our own herbs and oils here in Amritapuri. No experience necessary – beginners welcome over the age of 16.

Course Overview
  • Live Session, “Soap Making Forum” to clear doubts, share and exchange knowledge and experiences
  • Live Session recorded to the platform for later viewing
  • Practical demonstrations of each technique
  • Access to video lessons, handouts and class materials through an e-Learning platform
  • E-mail and forum/discussion support with soap making experts
  • Guided tour of the ashram Tulsi House
  • Learn how to dry your own herbs for soap making
  • Senior disciple talks
  • And more!

Madhurima O, Amritapuri

Prerequisite & Materials Needed
  • Must be over age 16
  • Must own or have access to soap making supplies and ingredients (see preview in course platform)

The Art of Natural Dyeing

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the world of natural fabric dyeing!

Take part in a series of classes where you will be introduced to the process of dyeing with plants, roots, and flowers from our own Saraswati Garden in Amritapuri.

Interested to learn more? Please reach out to: amritanaturaldye @ 

About Natural Dyeing

Amrita Natural Plant Dyeing is an in-depth exploration into the art of dyeing on fabric by applying various techniques such as flower bundle technique, eco print, and plain dye, compost kitchen scraps, solar dyeing and making your own pigment paint and sacred textiles with your own designs as you follow your own intuition . You will learn how to fix your materials using cotton and silk fibers to make a natural face mask with medicinal plants.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of dyeing starting from the collection and identification of roots and plants, to making your own plant/flower based pigment paints, to designing your own fabrics using basic block/eco printing and creating your own intuitive heart based sacred fibers using your own connection to the earth.

Join us as we explore the magic of nature.

Course Overview
  • Take a virtual tour of our Saraswati Garden
  • Learn about the health benefits of each plant and herb for your dyes
  • Explore the various dyeing and design techniques
  • Get a hands-on training on how to cook, dye and care for the different kinds of fibers 
  • Learn recipes for your dyes
  • Design final product with block/ printing , painting and opening up to your creativity.
Prerequisite & Materials Needed

All-levels welcome. You’ll need a plain white face mask or a white garment in cotton or silk to make final product. 

Amrita Upcycle - Creative Solutions for Plastic Waste Workshop Series

Coming Soon!



About Amrita Upcycle 

Why throw away plastic when you can collect it and upcycle it into beautiful, durable products like tote bags, wallets, zip pouches and more! Learn to make your own homemade accessories, thereby saving money and keeping plastic out of the landfill. Amrita Upcylce is a philosophy about love and care for Nature and respect of the Divine through conscious actions. Every decision makes a difference – let’s join together in a practical way, and protect the Earth from the menace of plastic waste.

Natural Body Care Products

Coming Soon!

Learn how to make your own natural body care products from experts at the Ecology Center in Amritapuri. 



Natural Body Care Products 

Natural balms are made with raw, local Idukki beeswax, ashram-made coconut oil and essential oils. These balms are soothing for the skin, great for pain relief, and a natural mosquito repellant.

Relaxing facial mist sprays hydrate the skin and have many aromatherapy benefits. See sustainability in action and learn about the connection between Amrita SeRVe (Self-Reliant Villages), Ammas Village adoption project in Embracing the World and the Ecology Center in Amritapuri.

See how Amma’s projects connect farmers and tribals with devotees across the world through a sustainable, natural and fair-trade economy. Learn about beeswax in the hills region of Idukki, straw woven mats and other Eco Products.

Stay tuned for more information.

Learn. Grow. Evolve.

Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life. Join us on your journey to learn something new. No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged! Courses will be offered on an eLearning platform developed for online education in India and across the globe.