Holiday Reunion:

One World, One Family

“Always remember that your true family is the family of humankind.”

Holiday Reunion with your Amma Family

Four weeks of celebration, self-reflection, service, and upliftment.

Enrollment Starts December 1 
First Live Session: December 13th

In the course of four weeks, an abundance of meaningful and delightful interactive live sessions & exciting workshops will be available to you. Choose any or all of the offerings in the four core areas of giving and serving, joyful celebrations, unity and harmony, and self-reflection. Bring the Amritapuri holiday experience into your home. Enjoy workshops from Amritapuri and Amma’s main centers around the world.

About the Holiday Reunion: One World, One Family

Transform every aspect of the holiday season – cooking, gift giving, community service, sacred music, art, dance,  and personal wellness – into a sadhana, a spiritual connection. Deepen your relationship with Amma, yourself, your community, your practices and the international Amma community. With love, there is no distance.

Important Dates & Schedule
  • Enrollment begins December 1st
  • Welcome and Orientation: December 10
  • Week 1 Content Available: December 12
  • First live session: December 13
  • Open enrollment continues after December 13
  • Self-paced, with six months access to materials upon enrollment
  • For a detailed weekly schedule please refer to this PDF
Exclusive Live Satsangs with Swamis

We are happy to present three special live satsangs with Swamis:

  • “Birth of a Mahatma” Satsang
    with Swami Purnamritananda Puri
  • Special Satsang with Swami Shubhamritananda Puri
  • “New Year, Fresh Start” Satsang
    with Swami Atmananda Puri

Live components are an integral part of the course package. There will be five live sessions total (three with Swamis). Please find the details here: Holiday Schedule PDF.

Giving and Serving
  • Create meaningful gifts guided by the Amritapuri Ecology Center
  • Move towards a zero-waste holiday with gifts made and wrapped in recycled materials
  • Take part in selfless service projects for the holidays and year round, guided by Swamis
  • Learn to make Indian snacks like samosa, chai and bhajis
Unity and Harmony
  • Connect with devotees from Amma’s Centers all around the world through storytelling (Garland of Gratitude)
  • Exclusive Swami satsangs
  • Discover the essence of the holidays
  • Collectively pray for world peace and harmony
Joyful Celebrations
  • Get exclusive footage of the Amritapuri Christmas play
  • Learn festive holiday practices like rangoli, caroling and dance
  • Learn a sacred and traditional peace hymn 
  • Learn delicious recipes for prasad items (offerings to the Divine)
  • Learn how to chant the Bhojan (food) Mantras, and discover the spiritual significance of praying before meals
Reflective New Year
  • Set your intentions through guided, action-oriented steps to a more meaningful and joyful New Year
  • Self-care tips for the New Year
  • Healthy cleanse based on Ayurvedic principles
  • Get inspired through health and wellness tips from the Amritapuri Holistic Department
Online Community

Be part of the exclusive Holiday Reunion Community! You’ll have access to a Community forum where you may post questions related to the workshops and share photos or stories of your participation. Access to join our private Student Facebook group community that’s exclusive to everybody enrolled in Amrita Virtual Academy! Learn, inspire, and collaborate with fellow students from around the world.

Movie Night!

Movie Night! Story of St. Francis, Parables & More!

Fun for the whole family: movies, parables, chai making and children’s activities!

Enrollment beings December 1
Start watching from December 19 onwards

Enhance your holidays with meaningful and spirited performances from Amritapuri. Enjoy “The Lord’s Prayer,” an original Amritapuri production and favorite based on the life of Saint Francis.

About Movie Night: St. Francis, Parables, and More!

Get a backstage look at the process behind the scenes with never before seen interviews from the cast and production team. Watch three extra parables to learn spiritual truths through beautiful and dramatic stories. Start your movie night off right with a cup of hot chai from the Europe Tour kitchen crew’s secret recipe. Finally, there are extra activities for children included, creating a full family experience.

Important Dates
  • Enrollment begins December 1st
  • Start Watching from December 19th onwards
  • Access lasts for six months
Six Month Rental

When you purchase your rental, you will have access to the content for six months. You will be able to stream it on your device through the course player. You can pause, rewind and fast forward. You can also go back at anytime to resume or rewatch.

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