“Within you, immense knowledge is waiting to unfold.”


Learn. Grow. Evolve.

We all share a common and innate yearning to realize our potential. With the intention of facilitating this process of personal evolution, Amrita Virtual Academy is an opportunity to stay connected to Amma’s teachings, each other and our own inner evolution through a virtual learning platform.


Upcoming Courses 

Vocal & Instrumental Courses for Bhajans

Limited Seats Available 
Study the basics of bhajans through our upcoming beginners’ courses in tabla, harmonium, voice, kaimani (hand bell), and ganjira. These courses are built for those with little to no experience, and provide the structure required to take one’s skills to the next level; whether for a satsang community or a home practice. Rooted in Amma ‘s teachings of bhajans as a sadhana (spiritual practice) learn technical skills through the lens of devotion.

Courses from Amritapuri Gardens

Amma herself says nature is the greatest teacher. The community of Amritapuri gardeners, nature lovers and experts will soon share the knowledge they have collected over the years, from Amma, study, research, and experience through enriching courses. Workshops and courses in permaculture, organic gardening and much more will soon be offered through our virtual learning academy. All levels are welcome to participate.

Indian Languages (Malayalam & Sanskrit)

Limited Seats Available
From basic Sanskrit, to conversational Malayalam, take advantage of new language courses coming from Amritapuri. Both courses are suitable for beginner students and are very unique offerings. Learn how to understand Amma when she speaks through this course! Train your ear and learn basic vocabulary. Learn the basics of Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language of Hindu scriptures.


Other Courses


Basic Ayurvedic Cooking

In this course, you will be guided through the basic principles of Ayurvedic cooking and learn practical ways to incorporate traditional cooking methods. Author and food expert Shama Gandhi has inspired new cooks to experiment and make nutritious and wholesome home cooked meals for decades. She will teach how to infuse Amma’s teachings into the cooking experience that benefits both the cook and those who eat the food!


Art of Natural Plant Dyeing

 Welcome to the world of natural dyeing!

Take part in a series of classes where you will be introduced to the process of dyeing with plants, roots, and flowers from our own Saraswati Garden in Amritapuri. 


Devotional Art

Amma says, “if we incorporate the attitude ‘I am just an instrument in God’s hands,’ then the burden of karma will fall away from us entirely. Only when a pen is in someone’s hands can it write letters. It does not write on its own. So too it is with a paintbrush. It does not paint on its own. Someone has to hold it to paint. We have to be like a pen or a brush in the hands of the Divine.”

This course will teach the basics of making art into a spiritual practice.



“Remain a beginner, like a child endowed with tremendous humility, patience and faith. Such should be our attitude towards the experiences life brings to us. Then we will keep on learning. For the mind to grow and become as big as the universe, we should first become a child.” -Amma

Have Questions?

About Amrita Virtual Academy

What is Amrita Virtual Academy?

The Amrita Virtual Academy is an initiative to take the unique talent, know-how and wisdom that exists around Amma, and make it available to a broader audience, via online platforms.

How is it different from other online platforms?

What makes AVA different is that all the content is inspired by Amma, her teachings and the example of her life of selfless service. Thus, the content is based on Amma’s core values of service to the needy, world peace through inner peace, and living in harmony with Mother Nature. All of the instructors are volunteers and the proceeds go towards Amma’s charitable activities worldwide..

Who is Amrita Virtual Academy for?

AVA is for anyone interested in growing as a human being through learning, who feels the need to acquire practical skills to support Amma’s activities in their region, or who appreciates a group learning environment. It is especially valuable to those who cherish Amma’s core teachings and seek to practice them in their daily life.

Join us today!

Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life. Join us on your journey to learn something new. No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged! Courses will be offered on an eLearning platform developed for online education in India and across the globe.
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